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From the desk of Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD

What can I say here to separate my message from the corny and dishonest sales fluff that’s all over the Internet?

If you had some genuine mind expansion techniques (that nobody else had) and some good science-of-change models that really work (tested over a quarter of a century), how can you get through to people when every wannabe guru is claiming the same thing—but doesn’t deliver?

I don’t blame readers for being cynical. It’s hard to keep being hopeful, when nobody seems to do much. I’ve spent thousands of dollars myself over the decades, looking at what people have to offer and most of it was disappointing.

There are always testimonials. But I often say, testimonials are not science. Whatever you do, somebody, somewhere will get a good result. That’s not enough.

I want a genuine reason to sing and shout my successes. That means it has to work for pretty much anybody—well, anybody who applies what they learn.

To be that good, you have to have a deeper insight than just “visualize what you want” or “think positive” or “write a plan”; you need an understanding of mechanics—meaning you need to know how things work, so you can find the hidden levers that will bring about successful change.
Some good things to have would be (a minimum):

    • ideas about how to improve relationships
    • communicate better
    • what makes people tick
    • how to get what you want
    • choosing right from wrong
    • staying happy despite it all
    • how to think more logically (efficiently)

Inspirational Logic

Logic has a bad name in some quarters. New Agers and “spiritual” believers seem to think that contact with God or messages from the incarnate world carry more power for humans.

But don’t forget good old logic: it got us down from the trees and riding around in motor cars, using computers and putting a man on the moon (it’s still exciting to type those last 5 words!)

The truth is you can’t make changes with just dreams and imagination. You have to know how things work and what changes to make, if you don’t have what you really want.

Most silly gurus teach that fear of change is the reason people don’t take action. I think that’s BUNK!

Not knowing what to do is what holds most people back. If you knew all the steps to take, to reach $1 million or more, guaranteed, are you kidding me that fear of change would hold you back?

No way!

You’d do it, if you knew those were the correct steps to make.

It’s the same in life. If someone taught you how to correctly improve your communication, so what we call “affinity crashes” (from the computer term) were a thing of the past, wouldn’t you do it?

If you knew how to lift someone up, gradually, from sadness to enthusiasm or joy, wouldn’t you do it? (I hope so)

If you had a great new vision of happiness, that changed how you see EVERYTHING, wouldn’t that help you focus better?

What if you learned great little teachings, like why the usual advice for digging yourself out of overwhelm is wrong and why the exact opposite is better?

What if you could apply the fabulous logic system that runs the Tokyo subway flawlessly to your own life and get great outcomes as a result?
Well, there’s this and more in this series of 10 talks and the accompanying videos, booklets and audios.

If you have any hope left—even just a teeny amount—try this package, study it well, by attending the additional free online classes, and see what it will do for you.

Discover what I call "inspirational logic"! It means logic with a flair for the lovely and spiritual.

What Do You Get?

New Thought Horizons Part 1, a 10-part audio and written series by a master of human insight, is a major contribution to advanced psychology. You can be the first to ramp up a notch the way you think, talk and feel!

It doesn't focus on how people DO think; it lays out how people SHOULD think!

But it doesn't stop there. As well as the audio series and book, there is an amazing online thought and emotion processor that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It's called the Finding Inner Peace process.

More of that later…

I discovered Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby Aug. 18th, 2011 and I read, and read some more, until I knew I had found my true place for the high level information that I have needed since High School days in N.E. Texas. I am now 74 years of age. I can now feed my spirit and my soul until I pass on and enjoy every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am already introducing Prof. Keith to others.

Roy Jones

What's in this ground-breaking series of audios?

I thought you would ask that. Well, the FULL answer is in the transcripts you get.

But here's a thumbnail of each talk and what it can do for you:

New Thought Horizons Series

1. Five Dimensions of Happiness

I've chosen five key happiness domains to talk about. It's not all going to be just about getting rich, that's for sure. Happiness is very much about balance. Real happiness includes health in mind and body; health in love and romance; health in your network and relationships and, of course, satisfaction in what you do.

2. The Logic Of Love

Love is often thought of as the "soft option". It's for pussycats, whereas the everyday world will only surrender to hard-driving, emotionless people.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Love is a complete logic system in itself, that defines who and what we are. Love and cherishment is the ONLY path to real success. Otherwise, whatever life brings will seem empty and hollow.

Enjoy a completely new and enlightening Scale of Loving and Connectedness.

3. The Emotional Ladder

This is a completely original way of looking at emotions, giving them a hierarchical structure (meaning a sequence and priority). Hence the term ladder.

You will learn how to recognize the transition of emotions from one level to another and this will give you a powerful insight into why people think and behave as they do.

What lies at the top of the ladder? What is the most sublime emotion? Write down your answer and then compare it with the top of my "ladder of emotions"!

4. The Psychological Pathways Of Relationships

The key concept for this structure is that we are in a relationship with everything and everyone. There are good or bad relationships, but there is no such thing as a non-relationship (unless you are dead, though there is still a vestige of connection, even then).

What are the core components of a good relationship and what techniques do we use to keep it healthy and strong?

Good talk, this one.

5. The Magic Of Communication

Communication is so all-embracing and powerful, it literally gives us our Being. Think about it: if we did not communicate, nobody would know we were there. We would cease to BE!

But few people realize how vast the range of our communications can be; even a bullet is a kind of communication. Everything from violence to a loving touch is considered here in this talk. This is about the structure of communication, not just theories. It's what we DO with it that counts.

Did you know you can tell from the way a person is speaking how bad their state of mind is? You can do this with a stopwatch, without listening to a single word. True!

6. 12 Channels of Being!

This is a 12-part thought structure you will enjoy learning and using. It's a special new way of finding and understanding the old concept of happiness.

More importantly, it will help to bring your life fully into balance with your surroundings, your loved ones, the community and your part in the vast panoply of the Cosmos. Yes, it's THAT big a thought structure!

7. Your Highest and Best Self

Originally published as the "optimum individual". Some controversial characters are drawn in by me, while I talk about what we could be, if we were at our best.

See, conventional psychology and academic learning really only studies what people are like; what is average for skills, thoughts and behavior.

Here I take on a whole different question: what are human beings capable of at their very best? To me that's far more worthwhile than studying just average.

8. Acceptance as a Tool

I'm going to share something big with you on this one:

  • What is the number #1 rule for happy living?
  • What is the number #2 rule for happy living (it follows from #1)?

Acceptance is the opposite of resistance. We resist most things most of the time. Stress is resistance. If we could learn to accept more (without giving up the desire to change things for the better), we could relax and live longer, yet have more energy to tackle what really needs fixing.

9. Honesty, Lies and Truth

One of the biggest myths in life is that being honest is just for the wimps and fancy-nancies. It's often assumed that honesty is the first thing to let go of when the going gets tough.

The truth is the opposite. That honesty and integrity is the very bedrock of everything upon which you build your life.

I'll share with you that lying is just fear in disguise.

10. Power Logic For You

This last track is the latest incarnation of a talk I first gave in a barn in Manchester, UK, in 1972! The journalist who was sent to cover it expected something boring because of the title "Infinity-Valued Logic". He was blown away and said so in his write up!

The truth is: this is one of the most powerful tools of mental powers I know.

With this new thinking structure I so much want you to have, the world changes forever. Nothing is good or evil any more but you can re-cast your thoughts in terms of better or worse.

It's really about teeny changes in status and how they mount up.

It carries hope for Mankind because even if we just step a little towards the good and the light, everything gets better by one small degree!

All these tracks come with a downloadable set of written transcripts, plus workbooks, to get you to think about the materials, learn and practice with them.

Don't cringe! You would never learn to drive a car without getting in it and turning on the engine. Reading or listening to audios about car driving skills is not enough. You need to make it happen!

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Clearer, faster, more focused thinking, using my unique “Structures of Thought”.

Make everything easier to see, easier to understand, easier to talk about, easier to solve, by changing the way you structure your thoughts! It’s juicing your brain up to a supercharged makeover! More thoughts; more impactful logic per gallon!


We Need These "Structures Of Thought" as We Move Into a New and Uncertain Age.

What do I mean buy a "thought structure"? Any framework which lays out thinking more clearly and more usefully is a thought structure.

A plan, with several steps, would be a kind of simple thought structure. In fact a shopping list is a thought structure.

Stephen Covey's famous "four quadrants" from his book The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People (urgent and important, urgent but not important, not urgent but important and not urgent and not important) is a useful thought structure for business people.

If you think of your work in those ways and lay it out, it makes it easier to think and make decisions.

My thought structures are not about business. They are much more basic than that. THESE ARE THE MECHANICS OF THOUGHT ITSELF. This series (series #1) is about key functions of life, relationships and action. There are many more layers to follow but this is a GREAT start!

Remember: It's no longer a case of survival of the fittest but "survival of the smartest". This first course in a series of several from the Guru Express, will start you off in the direction of power logic and a new level of human thought evolution.

The more you know of mind and logic basics and effective action, the more you will win in the days to come.

Why I Chose The Membership Plan

(it's better for you)

After careful thought, I decided to go for the membership idea. There is simply so much stuff to share with you that it's frankly far easier to just keep posting it in the member's area!

It will not be a monthly renewable membership at this stage: just a one-off, to get you into the goody bag! So for just one payment, you get EVERYTHING!

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One of the advantages of doing that is that I am able to offer you an amazing inter-active webpage that will "process" thoughts and emotions. Sounds crazy but it's true.

Back when I lived in Spain I discovered an amazing process which I used on a guy sitting in a coffee bar in Granada (after the Alhambra tour!) He was having trouble with money. We ran what I have called the Core Issues Peace Process and he came to realize something very interesting indeed: because of his poor financial condition he had been saying to creditors "Go ahead, sue me! I have no money. You are wasting your time!"

Nobody had sued him, years had gone by, and he had developed the strong belief that this was a safe position to be in. He had learned to be scared of more wealth, because then it WOULD BE worth suing him! As soon as the process dug out this buried destructive belief he felt enormous relief and realized that was what holding him back financially.

That night, when he went home to Marbella, there was a gleaming silver Mercedes-Benz saloon for sale at a ridiculous price, right outside his own apartment, like it was parked there for him!

(the owner was German, had driven it down to Spain, and wanted to leave it behind).

The guy bought the Mercedes and started his rapid road to financial recovery. Today that he is looking at $450,000 a year and more.

That very process, called "The Core Issues Peace Process", is available to you, both as a book and an online process, through a script called Finding Inner Peace. A simple short copy of it, with only a little explanation, is available in the FREE STUFF area, under the title "Core Issues Handling".

What you get as a member is far more. You get a much-expanded book, with the background and a fuller set of instructions. But you can also access a unique interactive webpage that will guide you through the stages of de-cluttering and finding true inner peace.


Not Static
It’s not a fixed package but goes on expanding. As we do weekly coaching and classes, gradually the life-skills will come and the archives of data, tips, tricks, teachings and techniques will grow on you.

Plus I keep writing, posting and recording new tips, twists or wrinkles on the basic materials. You'll be kept on the edge with new devlopments all the time.

There will come a time, of course, when it gets a very large body of data and will have to be split into parts. That means it will cost more. But for the time being, to make things simple, we have just one fixed price.

It’s pretty modest. Go here and check...


Now for the extras!

Just for joining the program, you get a lot of extra goodies.

The most important and valuable addition to the audios, videos and transcripts is having a weekly online seminar or "webinar" with me. We'll go over and over different aspects of the materials, until you do have a totally new look at life.

Remember, it's like a language: if you speak the words often enough, you start to become familar with the new way of saying things.

Well, in this case the "language" is how you think, feel, behave and generally react to life.

There is no way you can produce the powerful transformations I have in mind for you by just reading the materials, or listening (even re-listening) to the audios.

With today's technology (iPhone, iPods, iPads, Droids and tablets) you can listen anywhere, any time.


You will get access to the sensational Finding Inner Peace Program I mentioned earlier.

It deals with a person's issues at 2 levels (an issue means an undesirable condition, emotion, illness or circumstance etc.):

You have to then decide if the issue is primarily from EXPERIENCE or primarily from BELIEFS.

The EXPERIENCE-BASED procedure is broken down into releasing destructive energy flows from self to others, others to self and others to others. There is also a "boomerang" element (self to self, others to themselves).

The BELIEFS/DECISIONS-BASED procedure is different. You do both, I should say; it depends on what comes up. With decisions, it is a question of contrast and comparison, valuing and weighing decisions and beliefs, until you learn to toss the ones which are of negative worth.

But beware! This powerful process will put you deliberately in front of your worst fears and most horrible nightmares! No need to worry though. I provide you with all the tools you need. And subsequent teleclasses to teach you the mastery of it.

It's called "Finding Inner Peace" because, if you think about it, that's what taking out the past and breaking its hold means. For many of you, it will be a great time of release; maybe the first of such experiences. It can happen. Trust me!

Security: Nothing is stored on any remote website. All your answers are stored only on your own computer. I promise you it is private (special script).

Get this: the research and knowledge which went into developing the "Finding Inner Peace Process" means I could sell this package alone for $100, $200, $500 dollars, once accompanied by full manuals and training videos. Teaching people as coaches will be a $5,000 week-long seminar.

You will do very well here, because it will be 6 months or more before it's possible for me to separate it out. Meantime, I want you to have the technique.


I'm offering for a short time a free copy of a super book describing 20 Killer Mind Hacks, which I have called...

A "hack" is slang for a neat (but effective) trick in making beneficial change. It's an assistant. Typically, a hack is something new, something ingeniuous, that makes life simpler, easier, more pleasureable...

So, a mind hack is something you do that makes the mind work better, in some way. It could be faster, it could mean better outcomes, it could mean less emotional unpleasantness, a whole host of things...

This book sells for $10


A whole raft of goodies, including...

Creating The Value Of Life by Fumihiko Iida

Daring To Be Yourself, a full and fascinating book by my dear friend Peter Shepherd, which shares many insights into life and living. There are also many additional techniques and "hacks" for you to try.

Unlock Your Subconscious Powers: and Naturally Attract Power, Wealth and Success Into Your Life by Emmanuel Segui.


A recording of my beautiful meditation "Courage, Love and Integrity". It adds mind-bending binaural beats to an inspiring description of a special moment in life, where courage, love and integrity met on a dark stormy night! Binaural beats will enhance brain integration.


Yes, of course there is a guarantee. 60 days money-back, no questions. If you can't see the value of these new life perspectives, I can't really help you.

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One More Thing...

Start Teaching and Earning In Your Spare Time

Something else about this package and the way I teach: you can use these valuable and unusual materials for coaching others. In fact I encourage it!

You won't find gurus offering or encouraging this; they want everybody to pay THEM to get the materials. I just want this stuff out there, starting to make changes in peoples' lives. You can help me do that.

I'll be giving YOU coaching sessions, in the members; area, showing you how to become fantastically valuable and adept member of the community, who changes lives and gets things done. Between the first 3 parts (this is Part 1), you will develop a fantastic range of mind change sets and learn how to use them.

So, what are you waiting for?

It's not expensive, you can earn your money back, you can use the coaching materials to help others and get paid for doing that.

You can be a hero or heroine. Swooping in like Superman to put things right, and be rewarded with no expensive and time-consuming study programs, like learning to be an NLP therapist/trainer. You'll be Superneighbor!

Just remember, it is not all in the first section and you won't be disappointed, I'm sure.

I have had great pleasure recording these tracks and compiling the additional materials you have available in the members' area.

What I want you to do now is decide which of the two packages you want: the $97 (recommended) or the $47. Decide NOW!

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Sincerely, Prof.

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